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Are electronic switches better than mechanical switches?
  Yes. Properly designed electronic switches can last much longer than a mechanical switch. Modern electronics are built for long life and high reliability. An electronic switch can't get corrosion or scorching on its contacts like mechanical switches often do. Finally, electronic switches offer additional safety features that are unavailable with mechanical switches.
Can I recycle my rechargeable batteries?
  Yes! All of the batteries we offer can be recycled. We encourage you to care for the environment by recycling your used Li-ion batteries.

You can drop them off at any RadioShack store or visit this link for more information - Recycle Link.
Does ProvariFuel e-liquid need to be steeped? And if so how do I do it?
  All ProVariFuel e-liquid products are freshly made. For many flavors this means a little aging can be beneficial to the flavor profile. Steeping tends to be preferred on the strong, robust flavors such as tobaccos, or especially rich and complex flavors. However, steeping is always a matter of personal preference. So, try your new e-liquid first and if you feel it needs steeping we’ve added a link here on some potentially common methods.