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WARNING: These products contains nicotine, a chemical known to the state of California to cause birth defects or other reproductive harm.
ATTENTION: We cannot accept returns on any e-Liquid products due to safety reasons. Each Bottle of ProvariFuel will be custom mixed FRESH for you—lead times of 7 or more days should be expected during our shutdown phase.
We Ship ProvariFuel to the Following Countries


  1. Shipping times for your order may be 7 days or more. We will continue to do our best.
  2. As we run out our supply chains we will discontinue specific flavors. Once we remove a flavor it will no longer be available to purchase.
  3. We are NOT ACCEPTING NEW CUSTOMERS. Our goal during shutdown is to provide our loyal customer base the best service. Any first-time customer order will be DELETED and not filled.

Many customers have asked us how to "stock up" on their favorite ProvariFuel flavor. We highly recommend that you purchase bulk flavors and keep them in your freezer for long term storage. The bottles that we use for bulk purchases are stronger than our 30ml bottles, so that when they get buried in your freezer they are much less likely to have problems. We also highly recommend that all juice in your freezer be stored in a sealed plastic bag. We ship all of our juice in sealed bags which work well. We cannot tell you how long your juice will last in the freezer but our customers have told us that freezer storage is a great method to keep the juice fresh for a very long time.

ProvariFuel by Cascade Wilderness is Available in the Following Options

Propylene Glycol/Vegetable Glycerine (PG/VG) Ratio Options: 70/30, 50/50, and new Maxx VG

Our original PG/VG ratio is a 70/30 blend designed to provide the best experience with the original Provari power levels and Nautilus-style tanks. However, if you prefer a thicker e-liquid, or want to prevent overheating at higher power levels; choose either the 50/50 or Maxx VG options. The PG and VG we use are USP Grade and our VG is also Kosher and made from Palm. Please note that our PG/VG ratios are based on added PG and VG to the flavors we use. Often the flavors themselves will contain some PG or VG and this will impact the overall PG/VG ratio of the final e-liquid you purchase.
Nicotine Levels: 0, 3, 6, 12, 18, 24 mg/ml
Nicotine levels are strictly a user preference. If you are a current smoker and have never tried vaping you might want to consider a moderate level of 6 or 12mg/ml and then see if you need more or less. If you currently do not use nicotine please do not start now. Buy a flavor in 0 mg/ml and enjoy the experience nicotine free!
Sizes Available: 30ml, 60ml (delivered as 2 x 30ml), 125ml, 250ml, & 500ml
30ml and 60ml orders will be fulfilled in child resistant 30ml LDPE (low density polyethylene) dropper bottles, while 125, 250, and 500ml sizes are provided in clear PET (PolyEthylene Terephthalate) bottles with child resistant caps. Bottles larger than 30ml are not dropper bottles.
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absolute zero menthol Absolute Zero Menthol

This freezing cold vape is made using an Absolutely perfect blend of mints and menthol. It is our #1 selling e-liquid for 2 years running.

Buy Now:$15.95
icy menthol Icy Menthol

Icy Menthol was our very first menthol flavor and is still loved by so many of our dedicated customers. The ice cold taste is finished with a cozy warm surprise. Try it and see why this is a classic.

Buy Now:$15.95
cinnabomb CinnaBomb

This e-liquid isn't for the weak. If you're not afraid of some real kick give this a try

Buy Now:$15.95
Red Hot Cinnamon Red Hot Cinnamon

A full-bodied and delicious version of the candy you loved growing up

Buy Now:$15.95
Glacial Peppermint Glacial Peppermint

An icy cold and refreshing peppermint and menthol vape. Pure and delicious!

Buy Now:$15.95
electronic cigarette refill liquid Wintergreen

A delicious wintergreen flavor blend with exceptional throat hit

Buy Now:$15.95
fire ice menthol Fire and Ice Menthol

ProVari Fuel is known for the
best menthols and this raises the bar even higher

Buy Now:$15.95
Goldrush Tobacco Goldrush Tobacco

A golden colored e-liquid with a 555 taste wrapped in a sweeter and more complex flavor profile

Buy Now:$15.95
havana gold Havana Gold Tobacco

We are excited to be one of the only e-liquid manufacturers who were able to get the truest flavor of tobacco leaves into an e-liquid. If you love tobacco give this a shot.

Buy Now:$15.95
Big Sky Tobacco Big Sky Tobacco

Unique tobacco flavor with hints of black cherry and vanilla to give you a beautifully balanced vape

Buy Now:$15.95
Whitehorse Tobacco Whitehorse Tobacco

A 555 blend that carries highlights of caramel and nuts in a lightly sweet tobacco

Buy Now:$15.95
Sweet Tobacco Sweet Tobacco

Sweet Tobacco is a complex blend of tobaccos coupled with highlights of caramel, vanilla, and just the right amount of sugar. Sweet and satisfying.

Buy Now:$15.95
Diamondback Tobacco Diamondback Tobacco

This flavor wont bite too hard, but it will inject your taste buds with great tobacco highlighted with delicious caramel and a touch of vanilla.

Buy Now:$15.95
Long Horn Menthol Tobacco Long Horn Menthol Tobacco

A smooth and enjoyable tobacco blend with a strong icy menthol throat hit

Buy Now:$15.95
Goldrush ICE Tobacco Goldrush ICE Tobacco

GoldRush ICE is a truly refined yet powerful flavor that you have to vape to believe

Buy Now:$15.95
Whitehorse ICE Tobacco Whitehorse ICE Tobacco

A full flavored tobacco with an incredible throat hit and a frozen finish

Buy Now:$15.95
Wild Blueberry Tobacco Wild Blueberry Tobacco

A superb blend of tobacco and blueberry that you have to taste to believe

Buy Now:$15.95
Frosted Clove Frosted Clove

Designed for those of you who crave that smooth clove taste with a frosty cold finish

Buy Now:$15.95
Pink Pink

Pink will fill your tank with a classic old-time bubblegum flavor that you are sure to enjoy

Buy Now:$15.95
cherry Cherry

A full flavor and refreshing e-liquid that will remind you of a bowl of cherries in the summer

Buy Now:$15.95
Pom-Strawberry Pom-Strawberry

We blended tart and juicy pomegranate flavor into our strawberry e-liquid to create Pom-Strawberry

Buy Now:$15.95
white grape White Grape

If you're a fan of fruit flavors this e-liquid may become a new favorite

Buy Now:$15.95
peach nectar Peach Nectar

A bright, crisp and refreshing vape that delivers the true taste of a ripe and juicy peach

Buy Now:$15.95
Watermelon Watermelon

This premium e-liquid is the ultimate watermelon flavor we have ever tasted

Buy Now:$15.95
Cola Cola

A cola blend that is full of flavor yet is easy to vape and enjoy

Buy Now:$15.95
cherry cola Cherry Cola

A classic flavor from the past, our Cherry Cola just gets it right with the dime-store sweet and rich cola flavor masterfully blended with bright cherry zing.

Buy Now:$15.95
Cinn-full Pear Cinn-full Pear

With juicy ripe pear highlighted by delicious cinnamon, this luscious vape will make you feel like you need to confess

Buy Now:$15.95
Mountain Blueberry Mountain Blueberry

An e-liquid that tastes like fresh picked mountain blueberries

Buy Now:$15.95
Frosted Blueberry Frosted Blueberry

The natural flavors of blueberry coupled with just a hint of morning frost shine through on this truly juicy vaping e-liquid.

Buy Now:$15.95
Citrus Blast Citrus Blast

There is nothing like this beautiful blend of lemon, lime, orange, and other wonderful citrus flavors to brighten your day.

Buy Now:$15.95
caribbean creme Caribbean Creme

A vape that will quickly
transport your latitude and your attitude to the equator

Buy Now:$15.95
Snickerdoodle Snickerdoodle

It tastes like the first bite from a delicious batch of Snickerdoodles that you just took out of the oven

Buy Now:$15.95
silky caramel Silky Caramel

A candy like caramel flavor that contains hints of brown sugar and even maple syrup

Buy Now:$15.95
chocolate Chocolate

Sit back and enjoy this guilt free pleasure in place of a candy bar or piece of chocolate cake!

Buy Now:$15.95
Simply Vanilla Simply Vanilla

A well balanced vape that contains the true vanilla flavor you expect without being too sweet

Buy Now:$15.95
Frosted York Frosted York

A minty cold vape with the taste of rich chocolate will put a smile on your face

Buy Now:$15.95
mint chocolate Mint Chocolate

From our travels into Mexico we created a beautiful combination of rich chocolate flavors coupled with cinnamon spice. This south of the border treat is a special favorite of ours.

Buy Now:$15.95